Grandparent Storytelling

Almost from the time my grandchildren could speak, requests for storytelling were frequent. A special time were those quiet moments traveling in the car or as we prepared for nap time.  The children were certainly asking to be entertained, however on a deeper level they were also asking to hear about their attachment to this family and to the people who loved and cared for them.  Stories have always been a way that we have helped children understand who they are and their place in their community and the wider world.

Some of the first stories I told my grandchildren were about the day they were born.  It included some of the particulars of where and when they came into the world but primarily focused on the feelings of great joy and love that their parents and grandparents experienced.  Each grandchild was the star in his or her own special story.   These moments of stardom are important throughout our grandchildren’s lives, and they are especially significant during their  toddler and preschool years.  This type of validating story helps create a piece of the foundation upon which they build their concept of who they are and how they are valued.  Helping to foster a positive sense of self in our grandchildren is one of the greatest gifts a grandparent can give.

We will be sharing other stories which will include loving and validating messages  We encourage you to begin creating and sharing stories with your grandchildren if you are not already doing so.  They are unique treasures that can send messages of love and compassion, can impart values and goals, and can help our grandchildren connect not only to us and their family but also to their community and all of humankind.






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