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This space will be filled with all kinds of material. There will be contests, including one we’re planning that will include an activity you can share with your children. We will post advance notice here of any upcoming seminars or webinars. As e-books emerge, you will find them here. So check often to see what we have for you.


Following is a list of various behaviors, attributes, and skills that parents can encourage or foster in a child. Some will be more important to you than others. Give the list some thought and then let us know your top five in the feedback space at the end and we will use that list to begin discussions.

Check 5 of the following behavior/attribute goals do you have for your children?

Adventurous Affectionate Athletic Attempts difficult jobs Self-starter Careful Cautious Competitive Completes tasks Conforming Compassionate Cooperative Courageous Courteous Creative Curious Desires to excel Emotional Assertive Self-confident Self-satisfied Self-sufficient Sense of beauty Sense of humor Sensitive Sincere Socially well adj Energetic Friendly Healthy Independent Intelligent Obedient Persistent Strong Quiet Rebellious Receptive to ideas Talkative Versatile Willing to take risk Flexible Confident Secure Resilient 

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