About Dr. Ann Thomas

Q. What is your area of expertise?

A. I’m a psychotherapist, so I cover a lot of the family stuff that comes up for all families—all the way from sibling rivalry to why won’t my child eat anything that’s green to what makes children thrive to teen/parent conflicts.  I’ve also trained public school teachers, as well as preschool and Head Start Staff, and taught college kids, so I have some expertise working with children and young people in group settings.

Q. What about experience? Have you been in this business long enough to really help parents solve problems?

A. I suppose it depends on what the problem is. That’s one of the reasons I work with Nancy Thomas. Between us we have more than 55 years experience, so we can cover a lot of areas. We also have the connections to tap into other professionals who work in specialized areas that our advanced training and experience didn’t cover. Plus our readers often send in great problem solving ideas.

Q. Do you have any “hot buttons” or issues of special interest right now?

A. Anything that has to do with what helps children grow and thrive. The world is spinning too fast for most to keep up and within this spin are many factors that are negatively impacting our children. At the same time, research is also moving at a fast rate, providing us with new information. We need to build an army of knowledgeable, caring, professionals and parents who believe what we all provide for children is important.

Q. Do you have any children of your own?

A. I’m always interested in why people ask this question, since I know many talented and helpful experts who don’t have children. It’s similar to the idea that an MD can treat a person with measles without having them. That said, yes. I’ve two children, two step-children, one recently deceased, and two grandchildren.

 Q. Besides writing this BLOG, what else do you do professionally?

A. I have a private psychotherapy practice, coach, write, and speak. I do seminars, teach classes, and facilitate workshops. In other words, I stay busy. Check out my website for more details, (dr-annthomas.com).

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