About Nancy Thomas

Greetings and welcome to our blog site. I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with your children and sharing some of the knowledge I have gathered as I have worked with children, parents and teachers for over thirty-five years.

My desire to enter a profession that helps parents to provide children with the support and experiences which can help them to grow in healthy and positive ways was first born out of my wish to parent my own three young children to the best of my ability. Like many parents I hoped they would be happy, confident, and caring people, and while I had some ideas about how to foster these characteristics I wasn’t really sure how to best support that kind of growth. I felt I needed to understand more about how children develop and what kinds of experiences would support my hopes for them. So studying early childhood education and obtaining a Master’s degree in that field was a natural extension of my desires for my own children and also for a career that might support other parents and children.

During these years of working with children I recognized over and over again how important it is for each child to develop a positive self-concept–an awareness that she or he is a valuable and competent person. And during these years it was the parents of these children who demonstrated the concern, strength and love which made them their child’s ideal first teacher. These parents also brought home the message that no manual is wrapped in the receiving blanket when their child is born, that there are still only twenty-four hours in a day and that the pace and expectations for them can be overwhelming especially in today’s world. It is for them and their children that The Parenting Clinic was created as a place where, collaboratively, problems can be explored and resolved and ideas, advice and experiences can be shared to the benefit of all of us. It is my hope is that by combining your thoughts, questions and ideas along with those from Ann, other experts and me, we will be able to help children grow into creative, resilient and compassionate people.

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