Behaviorial Issues Overview

This is the place where we discuss and/or archive specific guidance techniques and ways to solve a variety of behavior problems.

General Guidelines

I have yet to find a parent, myself very much included, who has not thought “why is he doing that and what am I supposed to do about it?”  Numerous books have been written about the behaviors of children and how parents, teachers and other adults should respond and that advice runs the gamut from excellent to bordering on abuse.  Educators, scientists, therapists and even Plato and Socrates  have spoken about which behaviors are appropriate and what one could do to encourage them.  We want you to know how we approach this important area.

We will discuss this issue as it applies to children at different ages with various behavioral issues and encourage you to send us a description of your concerns. Our experience and understanding of both children’s brain development and capabilities determines our responses based on the following guidelines.

  • What is “normal” varies with a child’s age, developmental level and experiences and should be used to guide a parent’s behavior.
  • All behavior, even “misbehavior” has a meaning.
  • One aspect of our goal as parents is to work so that our children will become responsible for their choices and behaviors. The center of control must increasingly become internal to the child.
  • Our responses to inappropriate actions needs to be focused on helping our children learn.
  • Judgmental responses can damage the child’s self-esteem while limit setting without harshness can create safety.
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