Most of the advice offered by experts suggests that both parents sit down with the children, and say something like, “Sometimes moms and dads have trouble getting along and it’s not good for them to live together anymore. That’s what has happened to us and so ___ (dad) or (mom) or (we) are ….” Approaching the children together is a good idea because (more…)


Today we are fortunate to have an interview with one of the nationally recognized experts in eating disorders, Shoshana Kobrin, who has a new book for you to check out. I have listed Shoshana’s contact information at the end of this entry.

1. Welcome Shoshana and congratulations on your new book, “The Satisfied Soul.” Let’s begin by having you tell our readers a little about yourself.

“Thank you. I’m a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, with a practice in Walnut Creek California, specializing in child therapy and eating disorders. I provide retreats training and workshops as well as publish on the subject.” (more…)

Embarrassment as Punishment?

One of the morning shows recently asked their viewers to weigh in on their reaction to the father who read his teenage daughter’s Facebook rant about her parents and then shot her laptop computer, posting all of this for public viewing. The response to the show’s question “do you approve or disapprove?” was anoverwhelming approval of the father’s using public embarrassment as appropriate parenting. It seems there is a public sentiment pointing to a need to (more…)


Writing your family’s stories is one of the tasks of grandparents that will “pay off” for the grandchild, the others in the family, and for the storyteller, in a great many and often unexpected ways. We are most familiar with the type of storytelling that happens with young children in those “snuggle” moments, and we have an article in this section on that topic. (more…)


When my first grandchild was about four, the two of us were on our way to the mailbox when I turned to see her squatting down, looking intently at something.

“What do you see?” I asked.

“Bug” she answered, not looking up.

Indeed it was. Not just one but an entire parade of ants. This was (more…)

Helping Children Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts are an inevitable part of life for all of us however for our children mastering positive ways to resolve disputes with others is a long process.  Children are influenced by many factors–their temperaments which come hard wired at birth, their experiences which vary depending on many factors, their cognitive development and of course their emotional and social development.  All of these factors with their many facets can determine our children’s responses to conflict. (more…)

Quality Child Care–Chapter 3

In the first chapter on finding quality child care we shared some important questions parents should ask the program’s director.  This is best done by making a phone call and taking notes.  If the program sounds like what you are looking for be sure to ask if there is space available in your child’s potential room.  In the second chapter you learned about the licensing requirements and standards which a child care center should meet.  Now it it is time to personally visit your top choices.  (more…)