The Role Of A Grandparent


I’ve just finished reading an article full of statistics about grandparents in America. Even though it seems something happens to my brain whenever I read statistics, I did manage to finish the article with at least one understanding. There are a lot of us, more than was expected, and our generation is growing. (more…)

Grandparent Storytelling

Almost from the time my grandchildren could speak, requests for storytelling were frequent. A special time were those quiet moments traveling in the car or as we prepared for nap time.  The children were certainly asking to be entertained, however on a deeper level they were also asking to hear about their attachment to this family and to the people who loved and cared for them.  Stories have always been a way that we have helped children understand who they are and their place in their community and the wider world. (more…)


Writing your family’s stories is one of the tasks of grandparents that will “pay off” for the grandchild, the others in the family, and for the storyteller, in a great many and often unexpected ways. We are most familiar with the type of storytelling that happens with young children in those “snuggle” moments, and we have an article in this section on that topic. (more…)


When my first grandchild was about four, the two of us were on our way to the mailbox when I turned to see her squatting down, looking intently at something.

“What do you see?” I asked.

“Bug” she answered, not looking up.

Indeed it was. Not just one but an entire parade of ants. This was (more…)