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Kids love to play which is a good thing because it is through play that they build connections with others, learn and perfect new skills and expand their concepts and understandings of the world around them and their place in that world. This is the place on the blog where you can find great activities for children of all ages. Some activities will require a bit of planning and gathering of materials while others can be enjoyed wherever you are with just a bit of creative thought. Sometimes we will point out the connection between an activity and the skills or concepts this activity invites, while at other times, we’ll leave the learning to your imagination.

A Treasure Hunt!

Here are three variations of the classic treasure hunt. Pick the one that might call to your child’s sense of fun. Enjoy!

  1. Living things.  Create a list of 10 plants, trees, flowers, insects or animals that could be found in your neighborhood.  For young non-readers you would want to use simple pictures or draw the item and of course supervision is needed for safety.  In my family the children recently had to find several things including 2 different types of palm trees, describe in writing an unusual noise and write about the prettiest thing they each saw.  So they incorporated a bit of science, some writing skills and expressed their individuality while finding beauty in their world.
  2. Inside hunt.  On a list of ten items the same children counted the number of pictures of animals and named them, looked for and counted the number of photos of a specific family member and identified their favorite place in the house and wrote why it was their favorite.  The focus of these items was on observational skills, creating awareness of family connections and validating their individual preferences.
  3. Birthday hunt at the shopping mall.  A friend has designed a more modern scavenger hunt at her teenage daughter’s request.  The birthday guests will meet at a local shopping mall where they will be divided into two teams.  Each team will be given $10 and one member of the team will have a cell phone that can be used to demonstrate their success in finding the designated items.  The teams are sent to find a small item, for example a bow or ribbon for their hair.  After purchasing the ribbon a photo of it is sent to the birthday girl’s mom via the cell phone, and they are then told what the next item to be found is.  The team who finds all of the items first may choose a small gift from the prize bag.  This hunt focuses on team work, money math and deducing which stores sell the item being sought.  It also validates the wishes of the birthday girl.

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