Grandparenting Overview

At this site we explore how we fit the generations together. It’s a place where we invite both the parent and grandparent generation to read and comment.

Advantages and Problems

Have you noticed that “Grandparenting” is now a verb? Perhaps grandparents were always active and involved in family life, but now even the label indicates activity. A grandparent is a person who is two generations away from the grandchild and most often does “Grandparenting.”

And whenever a family member does something, there is the potential for both advantages for themselves and other family members as well as the potential for problems. So we thought we’d start by looking at those categories and then we can discuss them in more detail. Let’s start with the advantages of having an active and involved related adult who is actively “Grandparenting.”

For the Parents: Emotional support, knowing someone who has had experience, interacting with someone with objectivity, getting some physical relief-baby sitting, and being able to know that someone “has their back.”

For the Grandparents: Companionship, fun, connecting with a person who keeps you young, a sense of belonging and purpose, the knowledge that you’re leaving a legacy behind.

What have we missed? Let us know!

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