Children Matter

Families Matter


Most of the advice offered by experts suggests that both parents sit down with the children, and say something like, “Sometimes moms and dads have trouble getting along and it’s not good for them to live together anymore. That’s what has happened to us and so ___ (dad) or (mom) or (we) are ….” Approaching Read More[…]

Divorce: When A Marriage Falls Apart

We marry with such high expectations. But no matter how sophisticated we become, there still lives inside each young bride or groom the vision of “happily ever after.” A child or children join over time, and we become a family. But in some families, happy seems to disappear, replaced by conflict. And sometimes, even with Read More[…]

Birth Order and Parenting Skills

So many factors influence how our children develop and we know birth order is only one. How parents interact with each child is another and parenting skills are a huge focus for most of us. The other day I came across an article about some research that had been done in 2003 that took both Read More[…]