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Birth Order: Your Second Child

Your second child arrives into the family to discover that, along with adults, there is a small person who is only a bit ahead in size and abilities. While the Oldest is comparing herself to the adults and striving to be like them, this  Second in  birth order is intent on catching up and surpassing Read More[…]

Creativity and Emotional Safety

We know it’s important to foster creativity in our child’s life and we know that “stepping back” and getting out of her way is an important part of the process. But there are also things we need to actively do to facilitate that process. Creating an environment that is safe is one of the legs Read More[…]


You’ve been doing all the right things, and you still have a picky eater. What else can you try? * Plant vegetables together. Some children will try something they’ve grown, although this is not quick enough for others. One mom I know, whose children were frustrated with the slowness, bought carrots with their green tops Read More[…]