About This Blog

About This Blog

Today’s parents are very busy and our world is changing at a faster and faster pace.

We get that! 

What children need to grow and flourish in today’s world may differ from what was needed when we were raised, and although experts may be keeping up with these changes, busy parents often don’t have enough time to locate the current information and evaluate what the experts are discovering.

This is the place that does it for you. We combine our expertise in child development (see about us), with the expertise of other professionals in the field.

This is an interactive site. The postings will reflect your questions and concerns. We invite your comments. Each of the nine categories will provide you with information and a place to ask a question or share an idea. We hope you will do so often.

  • Behavioral Issues — we will explore the reasons why children act in certain ways and suggest positive and validating ways to bring about change and increase their sense of self-responsibility. Developmental level and age are always appropriate to consider as we discuss behavioral issues
  • Creativity — why is it so very important and how can we encourage it
  • Compassion — how receiving compassionate responses fosters healthy development, and how we can help children learn to be compassionate will be discussed here
  • Resiliency — This category contains numerous components, and we will discuss everything from fostering self-esteem to setting appropriate boundaries with others
  • 4-U — Look for e-books, announcements of classes, contests, surveys. Ever changing so check often
  • Dear Expert — We will share our ideas and also call upon other experts to share their suggestions from a new perspective
  • Resources, Research & Theories — Here you will find what is tried and true as well as the latest ideas and ‘finds’
  • Fun Activities — Everyone needs to have fun, and we will offer many activities that children of different ages will enjoy, and we will also connect these activities to the ways they impact children’s growth and development. We definitely want your ideas as well and invite you to share some of your children’s favorite activities
  • Grandparenting — A connection between the generations can enhance everyone’s lives so we will offer ways to foster those connections


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