Need a speaker for your conference? Annual meeting? School or Church group? Both Nancy Thomas and Dr. Ann Thomas are experienced public speakers on various child and family topics. Recent topics have included, among others:

  • Coping with behavioral issues
  • Guidance vs. punishment
  • Parenting for Resiliency, Compassion and Creativity
  • Raising children who are Self-Responsible
  • Communicating with teens
  • Entitlement: How to avoid it or turn it around
  • Grandparents. A National Treasure
  • How Fairy Tales help young children’s psychological growth

Although these are examples of talks we have given, our way of working is to customize each talk to the needs of the group. Thus, we ask that the group’s contact person spend time talking with us so we understand who the listeners will be and what their specific needs are. In this way, each talk becomes a good fit for the work and needs of the group.

Counseling & Coaching

In this modern age of technology, people are brought together over great distances. This is true for the counseling and coaching relationship where not just the telephone, but the computer with email, instant messaging and Skype allow contact.

Teaching & Workshops

Watch the 4-U section of this Blog where we will be announcing both Classes (ongoing for several weeks on a specific topic) and Workshops (self-contained during an afternoon or evening). We will also be offering Webinars in this spot.

In addition, we are available to come to your community for a day or a weekend to lead a Workshop on a specific topic. This hands-on approach is very effective for groups of teachers or parents, all of whom are interested in training on a specific topic.

Printed Material

Information is constantly changing on this Blog and you are free to print and share anything here you find useful. From time to time we will also make available ebooks supplying additional or more detailed information on a particular subject at very affordable prices. Check the 4-U ICON regularly to see what’s available.

For more information about a specific service or fee or to discuss details, use the following confidential form. One of us will get back to you.



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