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At those times when we become caught in some dynamic that we can’t seem to change, counseling with a trained psychotherapist may be the answer. Counseling is appropriate when depression, anxiety, or feelings of being emotionally “stuck” are present. The type of counseling available through this site is called “Distance Therapy”.

How does it work?

  • The interested person needs to email Dr. Thomas, requesting an initial 15 minute interview to define the problem and determine if Distance Therapy is appropriate for the problem being identified. There is no charge for this initial interview. A plan is agreed on by the end of this interview.
  • Based on the plan, appointments are set up through SKYPE, email, or phone at an agreed upon time convenient for both parties. Appointments are in 20 minute blocks and may be scheduled as one or multiple blocks.
  • Payment is $39 per block and is payable through Pay Pal.

What are the advantages of this type of counseling?

  • Flexible times for appointments
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • No commute time or “waiting room down time”.

Is distance therapy effective?

Research shows this type of therapy is effective but I would add the caution that “one type doesn’t fit all” and therapy is something that needs to be a custom fit. It is not recommended for severe mental illness where medications are necessary to help someone stabilize.

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Nancy Thomas, M.S.   Ann Thomas, Ed.D.

Families don’t arrive with a manual or set of directions, yet we all want to be successful at raising our children. In the same way that champion swimmers or ball players work with coaches to work out “glitches” and improve their skill level, many parents are finding it very helpful to have a coach available to help them unravel a “behavior problem” or effectively work with that one child in the family who seems to be a challenge.

How does it work?

  • Once you request coaching, you will be sent a 1-page questionnaire to identify your parenting problem, your goal, and what you have already tried.
  • There is no charge for this assessment.
  • If the coach feel this problem will respond well to a coaching approach, you will be contacted to set up a time for the initial 2 sessions.
  • Coaching is scheduled in 30 minute segments via phone or Skype. During the first session you work with the coach to refine your goal, identify the major blocks to achieving that goal, and commit to implementing a new approach.
  • A second, follow up session will assess how your problem responded to the plan you implemented.
  • Additional sessions may be scheduled as needed.
  • The fees are:
  • Initial questionnaire: Free
  • First segment: $90.00
  • This segment consists of one 30 minute session with individual feedback on initial questionnaire and goal setting plus a second follow 30 minute session designed to trouble shoot and refine approach.
  • Additional 30 minute sessions scheduled as needed: $45.00

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Individualized and focused help by working with an expert to develop a “plan” to improve or change your specific situation.
  • On-going support as you work to implement the plan.
  • Ability to discuss and select a new approach when you hit a snag or bump in the road.
  • Ability to ask for and receive as much or as little coaching/support as you need.

Is Coaching Effective?

  • Many types of parenting problems respond well to coaching because it is an individualized approach to each family.
  • Parents choosing coaching typically find that their ability to select what they need, both in number of sessions as well as the frequency of those sessions, makes this the most cost/time effective way to find help.

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